For me the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions and I feel grateful to be surrounded by them every day. I also have the pleasure of working with my closest friends, my team which consists of some very qualified florists and our fabulous after school junior florists. I can honestly say It's a pleasure to work in such a happy and positive environment.

My journey into floristry began at a very young age, when I would sneakily "collect" flowers from gardens on my way home from school and carefully arrange them in tin foil and paper doilies to present to my Mum.

It was when my Mum suggested doing work experience at our local florist that my early love affair with flowers turned into my career, the owner saw my passion and I was lucky enough to be offered a position. At Cameo florist I was very fortunate to learn the trade from various European florists. Liz was always passionate about design and quite the taskmaster, but from her came my continued drive for quality and perfection.  I initially worked  in the Bayswater store and then helped with the design and set up of her Tecoma store, which I managed for several years. During that time I yearned to put my stamp on my own florist business.
In 1995 I began the Blooms on Brice story, and during the past 25 years we have had the pleasure of being a part of so many of our beautiful customers' lives. It’s been an absolute privilege to have my customers watch me grow and evolve and be able to provide flowers for their momentous occasions and events.

Blooms on Brice encompances all things botanical and beautiful. Along with the amazing array of beautiful fresh cut flowers and plants our store boasts an extensive selection of gifts for all ages, home wares, fashion and fashion accessories.

I feel so grateful that Blooms on Brice is a store people love to stop by, sometimes just for a browse, an intoxication of beautiful fragrance or even just a chat. With the birth of our new online store we hope to provide you with the same service and products you have come to expect from Blooms on Brice, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for on here do not hesitate to call us we are always happy to talk you through our seasonal availability and designs to ensure you get the perfect arrangement or gift.

Thanks for stopping by our online store, we really appreciate your support!

Kerri x